Help Save the Lives of the Last 400 North Atlantic Right Whales

Dear Wildlife Lovers,

Chris, Jess and the online team at Defenders of Wildlife are here to ask a favor of you today…

We need you to help protect North Atlantic Right Whales today by make a tax-deductable donation today: (

Entanglement in fishing gear is an awful way for a whale to die. It makes it harder for endangered whales to swim, feed and reproduce. Worst of all, it can cause a chronic infection or even drowning and death.

Less than 400 North Atlantic right whales exist in the wild, and Defenders of Wildlife is committed to protecting each and every one of them.

Now we're going to court to take on harmful fishing practices that cause whales to become entangled, injured and sometimes even drown.

Please make a compassionate, tax-deductible donation of $25.00 (, $50.00 ( or whatever you can afford ( to help fund our court fight to save North Atlantic right whales from entanglement in commercial fishing gear.

We only have until Friday to raise the $25,000 we need for this court fight. Will you help today with a tax-deductible donation? (

Your support can make a difference! The caring support of people like you has already helped Defenders and its allies secure vital protections for these extraordinary marine mammals – protections that will reduce ship strikes, another leading cause of death for North Atlantic right whales.

Will you help us win again for the whales?

·         Your contribution ( will help us hold federal agencies accountable for keeping North Atlantic right whales and other whales free from dangerous fishing lines.

·         Your donation ( will help support responsible fishing practices to reduce conflicts between commercial fishing interests and the North Atlantic right whales that are so desperately struggling against the threat of extinction.

·         And your support ( help us work to save North Atlantic right whales and other imperiled species from the threat of extinction.

Entanglement is an awful way for a whale to die… certain types of fishing gear are especially risky for whales, wrapping the animals’ mouths, tails and fins.  These wraps of line, traps, and nets can remain on the whales for years, cutting into them as they grow -- leaving deep gashes, scars and eventually causing drowning.

Help save North Atlantic right whales from extinction. Please donate now. (

Thank you for your help!

Chris, Jess and the entire online team at Defenders of Wildlife

Make your donation here: (

P.S. We don’t have much time to raise the money we need to fund this fight.

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