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Update on May 16, 2013

Toady's Story

Toady is a 18yr Appaloosa gelding who came to HorseNet from Columbus Ohio.  He used to be a very good lesson horse, until they noticed that he started taking advantage of people that did not know how to ride, but was fine for people who did.  This was not like him, he always had an easy going personality and was tolerant of riders that were just starting his previous owner had him examined by a vet who found him to be going blind.  His owner then started the search for a home, but no one wanted a blind horse.  It took her 2 years to find HorseNet and we are so happy she did!

Toad is a wonderfully sweet boy despite his "disability".  He is our "welcome wagon" to new blind horses and volunteers.  Toad is very laid back and sweet and is our resident "licker" as he loves to give kisses!

He is very gentle and a favorite to everyone that volunteers.  Toad has been a part of our family  since 2004.

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