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Got this in my inbox today. Please take this survey, because we know that the anti-equality folks won't hesitate to do so. ---------------------------------------------- Hi Greling, my name is Danny Chien. I am a graduate student from Taiwan, who is…Read More

NEWS: Maine Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage! In a last-minute move, the governor got some guts! Woot!

GET THIS!: A complimentary copy of my book on gay marriage!

I finally did it! I finally found the time to re-read, edit and revise a copy of my book, and now it is published. Feel free to download a copy in PDF form. Beautiful perfect-bound. Print copies are only $11 + shipping. I…Read More

Congratulations Vermont & DC! We did it!

Vermont lawmakers legalize gay marriage - The Boston Globe So much for those "activist judges". What happens when the entire state of Vermont turns 'activist' and the people demand…Read More

Sweden allows same-sex marriage! Unlike typical scenarios where there are court rulings that force a government to end injustice, Sweden is different. The Swedish Parliament instead passed a law with the overwhelming majority of…Read More

Iowa becomes third state to allow gay marriage And freedom rings in the state known as "Middle America". If it can happen in the cattle country, it can happen anywhere folks!

Why Every Minority Should Fear the CA Prop. 8 Case

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