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Parents to decide future of Peace Practices at TRS

TRS Parents and supporters everywhere,

Brandon WilliamsCraig here. I am the aikido and Martial Nonviolence (MNv) instructor at The Renaissance School and the creator of the Peace Practices curriculum.

Leslie Hites, Head of School at TRS, is an enthusiastic supporter of the work in which many of your children have been participating since last Summer, and has invited me to teach the staff, make public presentations, and introduce the Peace Practices curriculum to you. Parents of children in my current class asked that I be included in the next gathering of parents. At tomorrow evening's meeting (Tue, April 24th, 2012 from 6:30pm) I will describe the aikido and MNv classes in progress now, ask parents of children who are in the program to speak, introduce the Peace Practices curriculum under consideration for the Fall, and take questions.

We are in the midst of a decision-making process in which TRS parents are the deciding vote in committing/raising the funds necessary to make practicing peace successful at TRS. Staff members and parents who come in contact with this work respond with enthusiastic support, but we need many more feet on this path and it cannot move forward without your help.

--Come tomorrow night.
--Reply (email [email protected]) to let me know you'd like to help make Peace Practices at TRS possible.
--Join our Facebook Cause at and have a look at the images there.
Go to our website to get more information and make a contribution via our non-profit partner "Beamish Process Arts" d.b.a Association Building Community.
--Let us know of any organizations which might be open to supporting children learning to practice peace, or might want a training for their staff.

As big ideas reach for their potential to make a big difference, it always comes down to voting with dollars and cents. This is either the time that Peace Practices leaps into flight at TRS or doesn't, and it is up to us to decide. We hope you will make your voice heard.

Looking Forward,


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