Seguin Services Featured in NY Times

This NY Times story covers the many challenges facing nonprofits in the current economy. Seguin has found ways to manage...thanks to friends like you.

Seguin Spared Deep State Funding Cuts - But the Fight Continues

In the past weeks and months persons with developmental disabilities and their families, foster children and their foster parents, and the staff who support all of them have been walking on needles awaiting a final State budget. Major funding cuts were under…Read More

The 86% Budget

On Wednesday the General Assembly approved a bandaid 6-month budget deal, based on borrowing, funding cuts and money held in reserve. The upshot? Social services are facing 86% of the funding they received in the last fiscal year. Some agencies -- and some…Read More

Keep Up the Pressure - Protect Human Services

Governor Quinn and the General Assembly are on the line to resolve the State budget crisis...and prevent further damage to services for people with developmental disabilities and other special needs. The Governor's signing of the capital bill on 7.13.09 may…Read More

Vigil Unites Seguin Community - But State Budget Still in Flux

To everyone supporting the Seguin cause, we send our deepest gratitude. Seguin's Vigil of Hope & Prayer, along with the thousands of advocates who made their voices loud and clear about the proposed cuts to human services funding, sent a clear message to…Read More

Vigil of Hope & Prayer - June 25 through June 30

The Seguin community asks you to join us in a "Vigil of Hope & Prayer", which we are conducting 24 hours a day, starting Thursday June 25 at 10:00 a.m., through Tuesday June 30 at midnight. Seguin will pitch multiple tents on our front lawn-- a veritable…Read More

Shelter Us From Harm - Preserve Human Services

In the past two weeks Seguin Services and hundreds of other community agencies serving people with developmental disabilities have received official notices of severe cuts in funding from the State of Illinois. These cuts have been ordered by Governor Quinn…Read More
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