Hey guys, as many of you may know, I shaved my head for cancer awareness  earlier this year with a number of kids from my school including Ethan Rosen, Geoffrey Longhurst, and the amazing and talented Anna Cutler. Collectively we raised thousands of dollars that all went toward benefitting worthy causes. Since then, I haven't been able to shake the feeling that my new grown hair could serve a better purpose than keeping my head too warm during the Colorado summer. This is why I have decide to put my hair on the line for medical research. If I can raise $250, I will once again shave my head, before I leave for college at Howard University in DC. If I can not raise $250 dollars, all the money will still be donated to the Childrens Hospital, but my hair will remain with me. So it comes down to you, how much do you want to see me leave this city as a skin head? More importantly, how much do you never want to see an innocent child suffer with a harmful disease ever again? Whatever you can afford or are willing to donate helps, no matter how small, and please make sure to tell your friends about this cause.