After spending many memorable times in Wonthaggi, I would like to express my total disgust in the State Government's Desalination project in the area.

For those of you not aware the State Government has been pushing for the introduction of the Victoria’s first Desalination Plant. The opinion in the wider community indicated that the environmental benefits are somewhat out weighted by the environmental costs. Some of these environmental costs expected: 1.5 million tonnes of green houses gases per year and 30 truckloads of toxic waste each week.

The project is to cost the state in excess of $3.2 billion dollars and will produce 150 billion litres of desalinated water each year.

I believe the government could look at the following alternatives: Support the rollout of rainwater tanks to 65% of homes over the next 3 years or Look at recycling the water from the State Purification Plants.

Is the State Government taking advantage of ill informed Victorian's who are not aware of what is happening to our citizens in Wonthaggi? How would you solve Victoria's water problems if you had $3.2 billion dollars???

I would love to thank all you guys and girls for your support and I’m happy to announce we almost have 50 members. Thanks to you all !! I’m hoping to organise a night out by the end of the year, would love to hear of your suggestions.

Christian Campos

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