Update on Advocacy Group

Hello everyone! Just checking in and giving everyone an update of where we are with our mission in the Advocacy Group. Those of you that are in the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday and considering all that we are thankful for this year. I know…Read More

Call to Action

Good morning everyone: I just wanted to give you an update on where we stand with our advocacy cause. There a few people working on the paperwork for the incorporation of the goup and I am working with the accountants on the Non-profit status 501(c)3, so we…Read More


I spent all night trying to fix this on my own computer (Fixed now) but read this carefully!!! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: HACKER WARNING! There is a new way to hack your facebook. A Notification will be sent to you that one of your friends has commented on your…Read More

Stay well, please pray for those that are sick

Just want to give an update about one of our members, Julianna, who has once again been admitted to the hospital I believe with the flu. She has an extremely week immune system and could definitely use all the prayers she can get at this time. I believe she…Read More

Congratulations to our top Recruiters on the LEMS Advocacy Cause site

Kudos to all of you who are helping with the Awareness portion of our mission statement by spreading the word about our Cause page on Facebook. The top 5 "recruiters are always posted, but there is a close race for that number 5 spot and the 6-10 spots are…Read More

Check Life Insurance Policies

To all my LEMS/MG/FM friends or anyone on SSDisability, CHECK YOUR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY, mine has a clause that will allow me to stop making premiums for LIFE and will PAY BACK MY PREMIUMS RETROACTIVE from the date of DISABILITY. Just lots of paperwork!…Read More

Funds for Charities

I just received a call from my nurse (IVIg) who had been in Florida when the doctor walked away, after taxes, with $101,000,000+ and a comment that he wants to support charities. She suggested that each of us on this Advocacy group write a letter to him and…Read More
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