$20k grant is up to you. We need your vote!

Dear Supporters, First off, if you missed our latest update, please click here for news on our new site, new strategy, and new initiatives: http://tinyurl.com/ygbxfbq. You, the Many Hands Cause signers and funders, are why we've achieved so much this…Read More

THANK YOU! Success!

THANK YOU! As a result of our Many Hands, we have reached our $10,000 goal! In fact, we have surpassed it by over $1000, for a grand total of $11,130. 110 donors came together through fundraisers (Chevy Chase and Evanston), in response to our newsletter, and…Read More

We may lose $10k b/c of hundreds

Hi all! We've now raised or received pledges totaling $9150. That's right, we're only $850 short of our $10k challenge. This is not a matching grant, though. If we raise $9999 by December 31st we don't access a penny of the extra $10,000 we've been…Read More

Almost there!

Hello everyone! Wow, what a marathon! In under 8 weeks we've now raised $8330. We only have $1670 left to go! Unfortunately, there are only 4 days left. So I ask each one of you to please get the word out and invite friends to give. If everyone in this…Read More

Your help by December 31st

Yay! We're now at 300 members of the FB Many Hands campaign. Thank you for joining! We love you! Now, I urge you to read on. We need your help before the year's out. We have 10 days left to raise $10k. We've reached $6830 of that goal between FB, events,…Read More

Thank you!

We've raised $4980 in the past month! But we need to reach the full $10,000 to get the challenge grant we've been offered. It's not a matching grant. Those $4980 donated so far won't bring in another $4980... not unless we make it to $10k by December…Read More

Wow! Thank you!

Hey everyone! Please read on - I know FB time is limited so I'll keep this S&S. We're now @ exactly 200 members of the Many Hands campaign. CatComm launched this campaign to draw attention to the importance of an growing network of individuals coming…Read More
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