Walter Reed Confirms 10 Minute PTSD Treatment Walter Reed Report Confirms Validity Of Fast-Acting, Non-Drug PTSD Treatment Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, has published case reports detailing the successful treatment of combat-related…Read More

Cure PTSD in 10 minutes?

Dr. Eugene Lipoc talks more about how using a well-known procedure, the stellate ganglion block (SGB), can treat and even cure PTSD. Read more about Dr. Lipov and the free treatment he is providing to veterans and women* in the Chicago Tribune article.…Read More

Possible 'Cure' for PTSD

Dr. Eugene Lipov may have discovered the cure for PTSD. As we've theorized and discussed previously, PTSD is a physical disease. Like with any task - working on your tennis backhand, signing your name, riding a bike - repetition creates stronger neural…Read More

Focus: Interpersonal Trauma

Esther Giller, President of the Sidran Institute, pinpoints elements that are most likely to cause Post Traumatic Stress and, even more importantly, complicate it. In her article, What is Psychological Trauma?, she hones in on experiences that can prolong…Read More

Retraumatizing the Victim§ionid=4 Read one mother's account of her daughter's struggle with Post Traumatic Stress. Here is just a small portion... By Ann Jennings, Ph.D. This article is an excerpt from “On Being Invisible in the Mental…Read More

What Is Psychological Trauma?§ionid=4 By Esther Giller President, Sidran Institute This article originated as a workshop presentation at the Annual Conference of the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration, "Passages to Prevention: Prevention…Read More

Learning About Health Care

There are a lot of people who think they have the answers, but have you really learned about what's in store? Find out more about health care options being explored around the world from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). This public television channel in…Read More
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