Cares Call November 15 at 8 pm Pacific Time

Friends, Just one week ago California voters across the state decided the fate of Proposition 57 and passed it! Now many of you are wondering what is going to change and how quickly will those changes come. Many of you are wondering, will this affect your…Read More

Help us preserve Miranda Rights for Youth! ACT NOW!

Protecting the Rights of Children and Youth We just had a huge win in Sacramento: Both the Senate and the Assembly passed a bill about Miranda rights for youth. Thank you for your calls! Now the fate of this important bill lies in the hands of Governor…Read More


Where in the world do kids get treated like this? Right here in California. Warning: Watch this short video and you are going to be angry. I'm turning my anger into action. Sacramento is considering a bill that would make sure children get to consult with…Read More

Tuesday CARES Call

Join us on Tuesday, May 17 at 8 p.m. Cares for Youth Cares Call for the Rebroadcast of our May 3 Cares Call with Patricia from LEAPP The call was so good that we are rebroadcasting it tonight! Join us at 8 for introductions and then stay on the…Read More


As a final push to collect enough signatures the campaign is organizing a statewide blitz to GET PSRA 2016 on the ballot! Your decision to TAKE ACTION is the ONLY WAY to get us ACROSS THE FINISH LINE IN TIME! Sunday, May 1 1:30 PM We are assigning…Read More

Please Share!

Youth Advocates! Please modify as needed and share the following request for participation with the pastor at your church or congregation. We need thousands more signatures by next but we can only get them if we all put in the effort. Dennis P.…Read More

Time is Running out! ACTION NEEDED TODAY!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! ACTION NEEDED TODAY! Dear Cares for Youth: Please read this important message from Elizabeth Calvin. This is it. There's one week left to get signatures to put our initiative on the ballot. Many of us COMMITTED to get signatures, but…Read More
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