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We're building the technology that empowers anyone, anywhere to help change the world, and we're always looking for talented people to join us.

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Why working here is great

Competitive Salary

We offer competitive salaries and everyone receives an option grant as part of our compensation package, along with the opportunity to contribute to a 401K.

Catered meals

We have free (usually) healthy catered lunches and dinners, snacks and a full-stocked fridge to keep your brain powered up.


Our office is in the heart of San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood, and is a short walk to lots of public transit and awesome San Francisco bars and restaurants.

Flexible time off

Everyone starts with 15 days of paid time off per year as well as 10 company holidays. If you're sick, stay home. We also give monthly volunteering time off.

Stay healthy

Whether you prefer gyms, yoga classes, or acupuncture, Causes provides a monthly stipend to spend however you wish. We also have a company running club, soccer team and impromptu jumping contests.

Dream workspace

The atmosphere as Causes is casual and relaxed. We like working on shiny computers named after fruits. Whatever your work, we'll provide what you need to put out your best work.

Always learning

We strongly support continued learning and growth, so if you want to attend a seminar, workshop or other event, we'll gladly make it happen.

Health benefits

We cover 100% of health and dental insurance premiums and give you multiple plans to choose from.

The work going on here has real meaning and impact on our world. Our craft is about hope and bringing about the change in the world we want to see through technology. I am lucky to do this with a team of talented and bright people.

Open Positions

Working at Causes allowed me to realize that there are unique ways I can contribute to changing the world with my own talents. Together, with my coworkers, I am empowered to make that change.
Shannon Riley, Account Executive, Business Development & Sales