With Caprock going to their first game tonight I would like to wish them luck (like they need it) as well as let everyone know that the "C" is finally done and put in, pictures will follow shortly. Thank you again to all that supported this cause and who…Read More

The "C" in progress!!!!

After many years and a lot of publicity the "C" is finally back where it belongs. Thank you to the Class of 2008 for your hard work and your senior gift to put this back! As for me 1986 I am glad to see it back!


I personally received a call from Christina Ritter herself, she proceeded to inform me that the C is in processes to be put in and that it is in the maiteneces hands, so that they may figure out what the best durability state to put the C in so that it will…Read More

Caprock Longhorns

If you have not seen it already, this ACTUAL FACEBOOK PROFILE is a way for us to comunicate better, any comments and such can be posted through facebook rather than having to track down the cause. Hope to see each and everyone of you on there!!! Search for…Read More


If any of you have a twitter here is a link to join Supports are freaking awesome updates will keep coming as promised!!!


We have made it over 1,000 people!!!!! Wow guys I am really impressed, you have all done a wonderful job, however, we still need feedback on your end. As cause supporters, the question remains, Do we wait till May to see what she does?? OR Take action…Read More


You all have done a wonderful job in getting supporters and we only have 99 more till 1,000!!!!! We have made many attempts to make this known and again GREAT JOB!!!! Now there is a new task at hand. I am requesting that we either get the information for…Read More
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