Four Names - Are Any of Them Mine?

"Unbelievable! A grown man pushed a young girl out into traffic to be hit by a car! Seems too awful to be true, but it really happened...and that young girl was me. On June 9, 1973, at 11th Avenue and 8th Street South in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was struck…Read More

Can You Identify Me - Dot Org

Ladies & Gentlemen, Have you visited our new dot org website that launched in 2012? The America's Unidentified portion of the site has fully searchable features that allow you to view by State, by Decade, by Walls of…Read More

Help Us Help Them!

Please consider donating $25.00 to Can You Identify Me to help support all the free services that we provide. To learn more about our services please visit: -- Your donations can be made via paypal directly on our site, or…Read More

My Name is Scioto John -- not really, but you can call me that anyway!

"My day was spent a little differently. I was found by a fisherman, snagged in the middle of Scioto River, just north of Chillicothe, Ohio. I might have been there for awhile because my remains were a little worse for the wear. Turns out...." Read more about…Read More

KELLY DOE - Story Incomplete

"They say that any story is not complete without the 'Who, What, When, Where, Why and How‘. Sadly, the story of what happened to me is missing most of those pieces. My story started (or I guess you'd more accurately say it ended) on December 26, 1994,…Read More


CURRENT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES CAN YOU IDENTIFY ME? is seeking local and national VOLUNTEERS. If you are interested in helping victims of homicide, human trafficking, abuse, kidnapping, and families of missing loved ones this might be the right volunteer…Read More

Where Did I Come From? Who Am I?

BRIAN DOE-Where Did I Come From? Who Am I? "After examination they figured out I was teenager, that I was black and that I was male. They determined that I had a slightly healed fracture on the nasal bones. That’s about all they know. However, they are…Read More
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