Help Lyme researchers win $150,000 for tissue bank!! New link!

Help bring Lyme research to new levels. With today's technology and knowledge we are lightyears ahead of just one decade ago. It is time for aggressive human tissue/fluid study, both live subject and post mortem. No longer should we simply throw away tissues…Read More

Lyme doctor on radio

Hi, Listen to Dr. Maureen McShane on CBC national radio this morning. (She is too busy to take any new patients at the moment) Go the 10:00 minute mark on this to hear her, ...…Read More

New research 90% of Alzheimer's brain have spirochete's

Hi CanLymies, Read the first few paragraphs of today's CanLyme front page and follow the links ... Jim

Chief Medical Officer promises new clinic will look at better diagnostics and treatment.

Have a look at the news clip from Canadian television in Victoria, British Columbia regarding the new medical clinic announced for BC.

Lyme in the news

Another article in the news to which you can add comments please to keep all the momentum going ...

Lyme in the news - they are still pushing the two-tier test..please add your comments

Please add your comments on this story about what you think of the great two-tier testing the BC CDC and others are still trying to sell. Also, DO NOT DONATE to…Read More

Government says doctors not trained well enough to diagnose

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