The orangutan is a peaceful and majestic animal which is known to care for its young and have a bond with its family similar to humans. Now been proved that the orangutan is the most related ape that humans through research. Orangutans are also the only great ape that has originated from Asia. Yet are currently driving these great animals to extinction through Palm oil plantations, poaching and the deforestation of their habitats. There are an estimated 25 000 orangutans left in the wild. The orangutans are now only natives to two islands in Indonesia. The sad fact is that although the orangutans are supposedly protected by the legalisation dating back from 1931, which prohibits the owning, killing, or capture of the species, all of these problems are still happening and the species is becoming closer and closer to extinction.

To this day there is an estimated amount of less than 25 000 orangutans left in the wild. With that number quickly decreasing due to problem that the great apes face such as, palm oil plantations, pouching, and the high demand to have these animals as pets in Taiwan. One terrible facts; 1 palm oil plantation eliminates 100 000 – 300 000 acres of untouched forest. And many palm oil plantations are being built in orangutan habitats.  Also approximately 2000 baby orangutans were recently captured and sold as pets in Taiwan, on Sumatra the orangutan population is only 1 fifth of what it was 75 years ago and the population of orangutans on Borneo is now reduced by over half in the past 60 years, in just one year from 1997 – 1998 the entire orangutan population had decreased by nearly one third.. Why isn’t it illegal to harm an orangutan you ask? It has been illegal to own, harm or capture an orangutan since 1931. In Sumatra officials have actually confiscated captive orangutans and then sold them on the black market themselves after.

Deforestation is the reason these animals are coming close to extinction. By destroying the trees that they live in for profit is just sad, it is such a shame that people value money more than a species existence. Especially considering that these great apes are looked at as our ancestors. By destroying their habitats we are also destroying our source of oxygen. The more that we destroy the homes of the orangutans the more of these animals will die and become closer and closer to extinction. The forests that the orangutans live in is not only being cut down for logging but they are burnt down which is also releasing toxic gases into our atmosphere and is increasing the effects of global warming. Research shows that 20% of all global carbon dioxide emissions is created from the burning of forests for the purpose of palm oil plantations, with palm oil plantations now being the leading cause of rainforest destruction I Malaysia and Indonesia. An area of forest equal to 300 sporting fields is destroyed every hour. Over 80% of the orangutans habitats have been destroyed so far and that percentage is growing at a terrifying rate…

We cannot possibly let the killing go one the way it is. If the way that humans treat these harmless animals continues we will be left without forests and with the burden of guilt knowing it was us that killed off our predecessors. The pouching of orangutans still continues even though it is completely illegal to harm one of them. Orangutans are shot, beaten, buried and burnt alive if they are to return to their homes after the palm oil company’s claim the forests that they live in.

Orangutans are a very desirable to own as a pet in Taiwan, which is also an increasing problem because orangutans hold a very personal bond with their young much alike humans do with our children. It is said that the only time that a baby orangutan is ever captured is when it is pried from its dead mother’s arms. Then knocked out with tranquilisers. It is quite obvious that if we showed a bit of empathy it would go a long way. Could you imagine that happening to you and your own child?

With the evidence shown in the text it is quite clear that this is a major problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. So do not buy palm oil products because you will only be adding to the profit of the people that are destroying the rainforests. Please support this campaign and spread the word the more people that know about the terrible things that these governments are doing to these animals the higher the chances of something happening to stop it.

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