I want to
stop the global issue of the practice of poaching and the rise of trophy hunting, particularly in the continent of Africa.

This is important because I want future generations to grow up and see these wonderful animals that are slowly being exterminated through poaching. The future of these animals is in our hands; they cannot speak up for themselves. If we keep killing them they will die out and become extinct, and that would be a tragedy on a global scale.

The 5 main animals that get killed for sport are lions, gorillas, giraffes, elephants and buffalo. More than 100 million animals are reportedly killed worldwide by hunters each year across the globe. That number does not include the millions of animals for which figures are not maintained by state wildlife agencies. According to the organisation known as, In the Defence of Animals U.S.A (IDAUSA), in 2013 there were only 1,800 West African black rhinos left in the wild. In the last 20 years 5 other species have also become extinct because of hunting, including recently the West African Black Rhino. Where is it going to end?

Some places in Africa have developed huge tourist’s attractions called petting zoos. These types of zoos have lion cubs that people get to interact with and the money raised from that goes into a thing called canned hunting. This means that when the lion cubs that are in the African petting zoos grow up they are put in a massive cage. They then charge people who come in and hunt them, so they have no chance and there is no escape.  This is canned hunting. Approximately 600 lions are killed every year on trophy hunts, including lions in populations that are already declining from other threats like Cecil the lion who was head hunted for the pure sport of it.

Animals should not be killed for sport. It is seen as fun and a big game to the rich people who can spend money to get out of trouble but I think that just because they are rich they shouldn’t get treated any differently to any other people.

Poachers use inhumane and cruel ways of killing animals. An example of this is bear trapping. Poachers will leave a bear trap out and come back in two to three days to see if they have trapped anything. If they have, they will often beat the animal within an inch of its life and leave it there to die and come back to retrieve it in a day or so. Sometimes they will shoot the animal with an arrow with blades that are pointed backwards so if someone pulls it out the animal will bleed to death. The arrows are often poison tipped so if you leave the arrow in the lion or elephant it will die of poisoning, so no matter what, it is a lose-lose situation.

If we let the slaughter of such wonderful creatures continue at the rate it is happening currently they will be all extinct within 20 years. Your children and grandchildren might not know what a lion, a tigers or a bears actually is; they will be studying them in labs and learning about them in school indeed of being able to see them roaming proudly as they do at present.

So in conclusion, we need to do something fast about the illegal killing of lions, tigers, elephants, gorillas and hippos for use as a necklace, rug, wall mount or clothes. So many people have something in their houses that has something to do with the killing of animals so be aware of the things that you buy and what you wear because together we can change the world.

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