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Emily Landers
Emily Landers Campaign leader

This atrial talks about the historical events and in Australia how public awareness has been heightened by recent cases that have…Read More

Forced Marriage in Australia: Definitely Not the ‘Usual Suspects’

E-International Relations
Australia stands in the ranks with other western countries that are belatedly attempting to grapple with forced marriage, an ill-defined – and usually worse understood – concept that crosses national jurisdictions and leaves women and girls lost within and between legal systems. Commonly cast as a ‘problem with migrants’, or a characteristic of…Read More
Emily Landers
Emily Landers Campaign leader

This story is about a sister called jasvider who was also forced in a marriage talks about her sister’s death who is called Robina, which…Read More

‘They’re being groomed from the moment they’re born’

Jasvinder’s sister, Robina, committed suicide by setting herself on fire. Picture: supplied. AT JUST eight years old, as she innocently spent her days between school and her family home in England, Jasvinder Sanghera’s parents secretly promised their young daughter’s hand in marriage to a strange man in India. Jasvinder was none the wiser.…Read More
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