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Recognition, Compensation and Support for Victims of French Nuclear Tests in Reggane in Algeria

Recognition, compensation and support for victims of French nuclear tests in Reggane in algeria

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Mustapha Saadi
Mustapha Saadi Campaign leader

But these Algerians were not properly warned of their danger after France’s misgoverned nuclear bomb-testing campaign of the early 1960s,…Read More

Algerians suffering from French atomic legacy, 55 years after nuke tests

Ahmed el-Hadj Hamadi was huddled into a building with the rest of his community by French soldiers early in the morning. They were instructed to lie down, close their eyes and cover their ears. He then remembers a sound like “the world coming to an end” and the windows turning white. A cord above their prone bodies swung erratically until the…Read More
Mustapha Saadi
Mustapha Saadi Campaign leader

The Senate Committee for the control of law enforcement issued a report on compensation for victims of nuclear testing. The reporters claim…Read More

» Indemnisation des victimes des essais nucléaires: la loi Morin est impérativement à modifier
La loi Morin de 2010 sur l’indemnisation des victimes des essais nucléaires français dans le Sahara algérien et en Polynésie doit être «impérativement » modifiée, tant que la présomption de causalité stricte n’est pas appliquée, a indiqué mercredi le président de l’Association des Vétérans des essais nucléaires (AVEN), Jean-Luc Sans. « La…Read More