The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 is a framework of governace for Outer Space. It explicitly prohibits the use of Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction. It prohibits Military Installations. It calls for the "Peaceful Exploration" of Space. It is essentially a framework of peace for Outer Space. Let me say that again for max effect, it is a "Framework of Peace".

The framework for a peaceful existence, already exists. And my plan is to get Earth recognized as the "Celestial Body" it is and therefore covered under the laws that govern the other "Celestial Bodies" recognized within this framework.  

1. I seek a redress or reinterpretation of the words "Celestial Bodies" as used within the Treaty on the grounds that Earth is a "celestial body" and should therefore be covered under the guidlines of the treaty.

2. If reinterpretation step fails, I would then move to have the treaty ammended to specifically include Earth.

I ask for your help to demilitarize and bring Peace to the only militarized and peaceless object IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, Earth.

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