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Help override the Patents on the overpriced hep c treatments

Thousand of Vietnam vets can't get the treatment they deserve for fighting for our country.

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John Stefano
John Stefano Campaign leader

How is it possible people can't get their treatment until they are stage 2 liver disease by then they will be too sick to be able to make a…Read More

Hepatitis C cure costly, available only for advanced cases

At the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, Veronica Masters is getting a FibroScan test to measure scarring caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in her liver. Most patients hope for a good result from their medical tests, but Masters is hoping her condition has worsened. "I need Stage 2 to get the drugs," she says.  The cost of a…Read More
John Stefano
John Stefano Campaign leader

Thousand of Vietnam veterans still are getting denied treatment after getting infected thru blood transfusions while fighting for our…Read More

Hepatitis C and Military Veterans- jetgun vaccinations exposure, medical, dental transmission Educational Website & Support Forums are provided by past and present members of the United States Military with Hepatitis C (HCV) to assist with awareness to the Hep C virus exposure methods during military service. The VA Testimony before the Subcommittee on Benefits …Read More