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Close PLO office in DC until Henkin murders are condemned.

No democratic government should house the office of an organization which celebrates terror and the murder of Israelis.

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Regina Sabin
Regina Sabin Campaign leader

Thank you Varda Meyers Epstein for helping to keep Na'ama's words and memory alive.

Na’ama Henkin: In Her Own Words

If the task of the enemy is to erase the Jewish presence, our task is to preserve it for an eternity. So what you want to do, when someone’s life is cruelly snuffed out, is find a way to remember that person so that the loss feels like a loss, and so that the person—the essence of that person, who he was—stays with us. As it turns out, Na’ama…Read More
Regina Sabin
Regina Sabin Campaign leader

Check out the Media page from the PLO's DC office inside our nations capital.. Our government's waivers have effectively given them a…Read More

The General Delegation of the PLO to the United States

The General Delegation of the PLO to the United States
Israeli officials and press, US media outlets and some organizations have issued statements that are malicious in nature, accusing President Mahmoud Abbas of falsely mentioning that Palestinian child Ahmad Saleh Manasra (13) was killed in cold blood on October 13th. What exactly happened was confusing the name of Ahmad Saleh Manasra (13)  who was…Read More
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