Technology. We love it but it’s added a new element to bullying. With smartphones and social media, our kids (and parents too) can be bullied around the clock by others who think it’s funny or may not realize the impact. Cyberbullying is a pervasive problem that needs to be addressed.

What is cyberbullying? It’s using cell phones and social media to bully or harass another person and it has a lot of forms. For kids, it’s the SnapChat message that says, “having fun without you” or the question that makes them cry. For adults, it can be rumors started on the internet about their business or someone hacking into an account to send damaging messages. Whatever the form, it’s using words as weapons and it’s painful. 

We’re committed to stand strong against cyberbullying. We’d like to see it stop and it starts with every one of us. 

Join us and pledge to Stand Strong Against Cyberbullying by: 

  • Educating yourself about cyberbullying
  • Talking to the children and adults in your life about cyberbullying
  • Intervening when a cyberbullying situation is brought to your attention
  • Committing to never cyberbully

Sign the pledge today!

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