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Tania Sirota

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Support A Global Agreement To Stop Climate Change.

This Campaign is important to me because I feel that all of humanity should be taking responsibility for caring for the earth that gave them LIFE ....She is our Mother ...she deserves our respect, our love, our compassion, and our tender loving care in my opinion. Historically, the Earth has been systematically raped of her life force - her minerals, her wood, her coal, her oil, her gas, water, and her air, resulting in the destruction of her protective sheath - her ozone layer. Mass production of food on an industrial scale, the industrialisation of meat production, milk production, and the farming of the seas,lakes and rivers hav resulted also in a depletion of her vital Chi energy. As our civilizations grow ever bigger, more and more energy is needed to firstly build them -taken from the Earths' resources, and secondly to maintain them, and the people who live in them. I feel that this has now got to STOP. - Enough is enough. She has given us ENOUGH now. - To continue to exploit her, rape her, abuse her, disregard her, and render her value as REPLACEABLE, in my opinion, at best Masochistic, and at worst...Cruel,Evil, Delusional,and Psychotic. - "GOD" did NOT create MAN in HIS image to have DOMINION over the Earth ....This belief and mindset is either a misunderstanding, or a downright LIE. - NO BODY "Created" ANYTHING....We evolved from the EARTH...we are her children, her descendants...ALL of us. You all know in your hearts that this is true ....and we MUST do something NOW to save hr and ourselves from ourselves. Thank You

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P Diane Chambers

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Support A Global Agreement To Stop Climate Change.

Prayers for the UN Climate Change Negotiations taking place in Paris Dec. '15. Last night, I watched the stunning new video from NASA which shows how air pollution from Asia changes weather and climate around the world. It is very scary. We have to learn to work together. We live on SPACESHIP EARTH. There is no new air or water and our planet is OVER POPULATED. We live in a closed system and the human race is headed towards extinction. From the Morton Arboretum in Chicago, ADAPT OR DIE !

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