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Change the law on deadbeat non-custodial parents

Many children do not receive the child support the courts designate because of loopholes in the system

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Ultimately, then, what's the purpose of child support system? The states' incentives really are to set amounts that can be collected on…Read More

How America's Child Support System Failed To Keep Up With The Times

How America's Child Support System Failed To Keep Up With The Times President Bill Clinton prepares to sign legislation in 1996 that overhauled America's welfare system — and had a profound effect on the collection of child support. J. Scott Applewhite/AP hide caption toggle caption J. Scott…Read More

Not surprisingly, there is a long-standing tradition of awarding a change of custody where the custodial parent has interfered with the…Read More

American Fathers Liberation: Rights of Non-Custodial Parents - Top 10 Reasons Why Family Courts are Unfair & Expensive

by Edward B. Borris Introduction Interference by one parent in the relationship of a child and the other parent is almost never in the child's best interests. In fact, in extreme cases, actions by one parent to alienate the affections of the child from the other parent, to interfere win the other parent's visitation rights, or to remove the…Read More
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