My great grandfather, John Lorang saved a deer that had lost it's mate and was wandering. The Game Warden came and got it and put it in a…Read More

SAVE WHEEZER the orphaned deer

This young deer does not deserve to be 'put down' just because this family adopted and raised him after his mother was killed!

That is an inhumane action that is cruel and unwarranted!

Yes, he is a wild animal! But, he has been raised by humans since he was very young after his mother was…Read More

The intelligence and the emotional lives of animals, both domesticated and wild, has slowly begun to be revealed through scientific studies which give evidence that in many ways they are no different from the human animal. They suffer, feel pain, experience fear, loneliness and loss. They bond with…Read More

Please sign to save Wheezer. Animals cannot speak for themselves; therefore, they depend on us to be their voice. Tell the state of Ohio we do not agree with the needless killing of our furbabies.

The animal has been domesticated. If there is a reason why it shouldn't be kept by the family, then it should go to a sanctuary. There is absolutely no reason to kill this poor animal. It deserves a happy life.