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Save Wheezer The Orphaned Deer

We the people are finding out that unless we stick together and voice our opinion about the little things, we are being dictated against! We have rights to and if someone is doing something that has no repercussion towards anyone else, then they should be left alone. This women isn't endangering my family or the environment, like so many things that the government covers up everyday! There are other issues that the people that hold a position in office ought to be more concerned about. ODNR, what about people polluting our streams and dumping garbage in wooded areas, poaching? These are issues they ought to be more concerned about! Why don't the ODNR be more helpful by helping the women find a better solution and being more community friendly. Wheezer is one of God's creature's, may not be a human but he still has a heart and feelings! If it was meant to be that this deer wasn't to survive, then it would of starved two years ago! God creates a purpose for everything that happens in life and maybe it was gods purpose to bring these two together, who knows but what I do know is that there is ONLY one Judge and Jury and that's GOD. I say leave this deer and the people that saved him alone and god wants to end this relationship, he will! humans are not meant to be exterminators (only if its a survival issue) but we are to live gods plan and enjoy what he has created! God bless everyone that has compassion to offer a helping hand to save wheezer.

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