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Help TWEAK our coming CROWDFUNDING on IndieGoGo. UNITED CITIZENS is YOU! HELP YOURSELF Control Your Government ! Help us Choose a …Read More

Design a CrowdFunding Tweaking Guide

Project: Design a Guide to Tweak Projects by Focus Group Preview.   LIVE test for United-Citizens  This Project is for ALL of US, you too. Help CrowdFunders AND Citizens (you!) Looks like a Tiny Project ... BUT  it  Prepares the important coming MAIN PROJECT  To tweak campaigns for better success in raising money for good ideas. A START to…Read More
RJS Campaign leader

Before or after you Pledge - you can Donate immediately or ask a Question also at our Contact - Donate Link here (May not be Charity…Read More

Contact United Citizens

Contact United Citizens For questions, ideas, suggestions, comments, corrections or offers to help. We want to represent the goals and views of most Americans who are not primarily on the take from the Middle Class, or who would prefer to not be. To do that, WE NEED YOUR INPUT and actual views. We strive to constantly improve, to help the…Read More
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