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End Police Violence In America

I was recently arrested last Saturday August 15th, 2015. The charge: disorderly conduct-language. This charge came due to my participation in #BlackoutAmerica #BlackoutSA, but more so it was the sign I carried which read "Barack Loretta Ivy have position, but we the people have the power #BlackLivesMatter Color Me Black" on the reverse side the sign read "Free The People. Fuck The Police. Film The Police. Protest is confrontation. Protest is disruption. Protest is an end to silence. It is not the solution, it creates space for the [email protected]" I was approached by two SAPD police officers about how offensive my sign was to family and children who were in the area we were protesting. One cop asked me to cross out the F-word. I said no! I was detained, officers wrestled my sign from my hand, and arrested me. For what? We are dying at an alarming rate at the hands of police who are either fearful cowards or full of hate. The justice we deserve is returned to us in no indictments and city settlements. This is not justice. Police are tougher on us, and the prison population reflects this fact. Something has to change. Campaign Zero provides clear guidance on how this change can and must be achieved. Join me in now!

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