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Perpetual aeroponic wheels absorb pollution with agriculture

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Darren Ross
Darren Ross Campaign leader

Let's show the world how when we work together, we can clean up toxic pollution from our water with agriculture aeroponic wheels

Animas River disaster: Colorado mine waste spill called low-risk; downstream towns still concerned

By Susan Montoya Bryan and Ellen Knickmeyer Associated Press ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- Townspeople watching millions of gallons of orange-colored mine waste flow through their communities demanded clarity Tuesday about possible long-term threats to their water supply. Colorado and New Mexico made disaster declarations for stretches of the…Read More
Darren Ross
Darren Ross Campaign leader

Let's work together and show the world how we can clean up toxic mess with agriculture

3 million gallons of toxic wastewater turn Colorado river bright yellow

The Independent
But now a toxic, yellow stew that has seeped into a Colorado river and turned it into a nauseating yellow concoction has stoked alarm about contamination of drinking water and been labelled a natural disaster. The state's governor, John Hickenlooper, has declared a "state of emergency" after the potentially toxic wastewater from a gold mine…Read More
Darren Ross
Darren Ross Campaign leader

We can accomplish anything when we work together, let's show the world how we can clean up the mess together

The EPA accidentally ripped a hole in a toxic mine in Colorado — it ruined a river and people are furious

Business Insider
Last week, the Animas River, which flows from southwest Colorado to New Mexico, started filling up with a toxic yellow stew from an old gold mine. It’s changed the color of the river to a mustard yellow, and so far it's stretched more than 100 miles, heading toward the Colorado River. The Environmental Protection Agency was working on the mine…Read More