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Stop the Distribution of Green Inferno

It is reprehensible for a film to demonize Indigenous people facing genocide.

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Johnnie Jae
Johnnie Jae Campaign leader

Press Release from AIDESEP regarding Eli Roth's Green Inferno.

Green Inferno: AIDESEP Rejects Hollywood’s Stereotypes and Prejudices Against Isolated Indigenous Peoples

On August 5th, 2015, the Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP) released a statement regarding Eli Roth’s Green Inferno, a film that demonizes remote and “uncontacted” indigenous people of the Amazon as cannibalistic savages. Ignorance, mis-information, and the low priority given to the protection and…Read More
Johnnie Jae
Johnnie Jae Campaign leader

It is an extreme reflection of Settler Mentality and White Privilege and it wasn’t even done under the guise of “progress”. It is done to…Read More

From Tiger Lily to Green Inferno Pt. 2: The Ethnocidal Exploits of Joe Wright, Eli Roth, and Hollywood

A year ago, I wrote an article that touched upon the damage done to indigenous people through the misappropriation of our identities and cultures in Warner Bro’s Pan and Eli Roth’s Green Inferno. I wrote about the importance and need for authentic indigenous representation. I wrote about how our issues, especially media representation, are often…Read More
Johnnie Jae
Johnnie Jae Campaign leader

The way that we are represented and portrayed in the mainstream matters and it is important that we start reclaiming the power to represent…Read More

From Tigerlily to Green Inferno: Why Indigenous Representation in the Media Matters

As one of the many voices involved with the #notyourtonto and #notyourtigerlily movements, I was slightly amused by the mainstream media coverage. I had just finished participating in the #notyourtonto twitterstorm to protest the Oscar nomination of last year’s culturally appropriated nightmare, The Lone Ranger, for best makeup as well as the…Read More