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Lynda Wise
Lynda Wise Campaign leader

If Germany can so can the rest of the world.

Germany says ‘no more chick shredding'

PUBLISHED ON: 1 April 2015 ‘Chick disposal’ is something the egg industry doesn’t like to talk about. And is it any wonder? It’s hard to imagine eggs selling like hotcakes if carton packaging included pictures like this: It's the brutal reality of commercial egg production: millions of tiny male chicks ground up alive or suffocated every year…Read More
Lynda Wise
Lynda Wise Campaign leader

VEGANISM IS NORMAL “What is considered normal - is not normal. Humans have been bullies, captors, slave-masters. In Truth (with a capital…Read More


If any two words were synonymous with veganism – it would be ‘animal rights’. Since its inception in 1944, veganism has been a position of non-participation in animal exploitation. With the word ‘vegan’ becoming more popular, the meaning has become weakened, or the benefits to humans are touted more than the original intent of animal rights. ALL…Read More
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