This petition is to show Judge Kenny that people are aware of the suppression of valuable information in regards to cannabis being REAL MEDICINE for practically ALL AILMENTS and it's not something people just use to get high!

By signing this petition, you are stating that you are aware it is completely harmless, is in fact very beneficial, and allows "sick" people to have another chance at a healthy life!

The fact is, hemp has been proven safe and effective in a vast amount of conditions, in people of all ages!! We all have an endo-cannabinoid system that regulates how cells work. When a person is sick, their cells aren't working properly because the required cannabinoids aren't present. By ingesting high quality Hemp Oil, you are restoring those cannabinoids as well as activated THC, which allows the body to relax. When the body is resting/sleeping, it is able to concentrate more on the repair process, ultimately restoring health!

These are scientific FACTS and not something I imagined while being "high on THC"!

Please sign this petition to tell Judge Kenny that the people are awake to the fact that there is real, natural medicine, put here by Our Creator, I chose to use it in a medicinal fashion, and I would NEVER place my son in jeopardy of being harmed!!!

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