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Stop All Trophy/Sport/Canned Hunting, Now Is The Time

contrary to the claim of the hunters that hunting is conservation, it is not and we all know that. animals real conservationist and wildlife experts already conducted a research and proved that hunting for sports, trophy, and canned hunting is not helping the conservation of endangered species. in fact it is actually one of the major threat of wildlife extinction. let us all help by signing the campaign and sharing it to spread awareness about the killings of our wildlife family. animals cannot speak or defend themselves against hunters and poachers who uses weapons to kill them, there is no way evading the arrows and bullets, they do not stand any chance of escaping the hunt. we are their only hope and together we might be able to end this barbaric and inhumane practice. #extinctionisforever and cannot be undone please help!!

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Stop All Trophy/Sport/Canned Hunting, Now Is The Time

It is now 2015, not 1975. What once was considered a Trophy from Trophy Hunting is now generally considered a past-time for the retired wealthy, or working wealthy on vacation. For Mindfully Aware humans, the definition of Trophy is very different. Mindfully aware human beings are enlightened sufficiently to know hunting for sport is mindless. It disrespects the fact that fellow earthlings are sentient beings. Would you like to be hunted down for your Trophy value? What is your value? What is their value? Stand for something friends, something meaningful, respectful, moving in the direction of where we want to go as a kind, loving, aware human race. Let's get to the real solutions for these lands where trophy hunting licenses provide income to a sagging economy. Stop contributing to their plight the wrong way. Choose now for future generations, let us leave a worthwhile legacy. Animal cruelty must stop. Canned hunting is simply evidence of how misdirected our ego's are and how meaningless and bored we are with our lives. Let's aspire to go much higher - let's prove we are the most intelligent species on the planet. Let's use our minds not our false pride. It is time to contribute to lasting change. Let's build a life worth living in a world worth living in. Thank you.

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Lorna King

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Stop All Trophy/Sport/Canned Hunting, Now Is The Time

Please, Friends get behind me with this and sign the Petition, the animals need us to help them they can not speak for themselves they depend on us for help. Now is the time that we can stop the SO CALLED SPORT of shooting and TROPHY hunting our animals. It breaks my heart every time l see another dead animal that some Horrible person killed for the FUN of it. I truly love all animals Do you

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