There are times when I feel that human beings have evolved and then there are times when I am ashamed of the pain that human beings are capable of causing. This is definitely one of those times. 

Hunting animals down in their natural habitats, or even worse when they are trapped at a commercial canned hunting facility, is despicable.

All living beings have the right to be free, they have the right to live their lives without falling prey to a thrill seeker with a weapon. 

Cecil, along with many other African Lions was murdered on protected land, lured off of that land by profit seeking poachers. Poachers who were paid by blood thirsty thrill seekers with NO REGARD FOR THE SANCTITY OF LIFE WHATSOEVER.

To lure an animal away from his home, safety and family with the one goal of taking his head as a trophy to hang on a wall? That makes my blood boil. It should make everyone's blood boil.

There are no words for how very, very wrong TROPHY HUNTING/SPORT HUNTING/CANNED HUNTING are. Are there?

We have a voice, we have the power to stop this. Please exercise your power and join me in this fight for Cecil and all other animals who deserve the cahnce to LIVE.


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