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Ban Animal Circuses In Illinois!

Circus's are a horror to Animals.. They are often mistreated and beaten.. especially the Elephants used as Beasts of Burden to help put up the Circus Tents.. They are beaten oft times for no reason but, to spur them on to the work. They are made to perform daily and sometimes twice daily a day. They are prodded with poles that also inflict electricity to hurt them into compliance. I find Circus's to be the largest abusers of Animals on our Planet.. Circus Owners and Staff are vagabonds without regard for animals. simply an income for them.. The animals are beaten , and abused , food is kept away till they get the work done and even then its slop and little of it.. I Pray the United States will not allow another circus in our Country. We should be a voice of advocacy for these mistreated Animals.. Please Sign with me on this petition if you Agree to the unethical treatment of Animals in Circus's.. Thank You Animal Advocate Your Friend Gail Doyle

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