So, even the Department of Homeland Security thinks CISA lacks basic privacy protections. Wow. Let's kill this thing:…Read More

Tell Congress & tech companies to respect privacy. Stop CISA

We're hearing different things about timing every day but one thing is sure: Congress will vote VERY SOON on a bill that could end online…Read More

Tell Congress & tech companies to respect privacy. Stop CISA

If you want to keep NSA from knowing ALL about U then support this campaign.

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Congress Is About to Get a Shit Ton of Faxes This Week

This week, Congress is voting on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, a controversial law that privacy advocates have long protested against. What can possibly stop it? Faxes. Lots and lots of faxes. Fight for the Future, a pro-net neutrality organization, hopes to send Congress thousands and thousands of faxes protesting CISA in a new…Read More

Here's the first action in our week of action to stop the mass surveillance bill, CIS(P)A. Sign the petition, than get old school and send…Read More

Just the fax: internet activists go analog to fight Congress on cybersecurity bill

the Guardian
Internet activists determined to halt what they see as another ill-conceived Washington cybersecurity bill are hitting Congress where it hurts: right in the fax machine. Protesters have programmed eight separate phone lines to convert emails sent from a handy box at (as well as tweets with the hashtag #faxbigbrother) to…Read More