This began as a getting jusctice for my son, it has evolved into something much greater than that. Every school in every community has this problem. Sadly the people that we entrust our children with will sometimes fail them. When you fail a child that is being bullied, you create helplessness. When a child is filled with helplessness tragedies then happen. TRAGEDIES THAT CAN BE PREVENTED. We all have the ability to help save a life. Sometimes the greatest heroic feat is a small kind word or simple act of kindness. It's never easy to step outside our comfortable circle of friends, and extend ourselves to others. It can be scary but the first step is the longest stride. Bullies often bully others in an attempt to belong and to somehow feel better about themselves. Reaching out to someone with a kind word or action to help them see they are important and putting a smile on their face changes hearts. Their's.... and yours. You will experience an overwhelming sense better than you could have ever imagined. Growing up is difficult for us all. We are all different, we all have insecurities, problems and we are all fighting a battle in someway. That is what we ALL HAVE IN COMMON. Instead of tearing each other down, we could build each other up. How wonderful it would be to encourage with kind words and actions rather than hurt. It's not always an easy path to take but others will follow. You will never like everyone and that's ok; it's about just being polite and respectful. It all begins with holding yourself to a higher standard then those around you. You have choices in this life about how you want to be seen or remembered. Will you choose to make your mark by mending a broken heart?

Since the beginning of this, my son Logan has begun speaking out to other students about what happened to him. Since Logan is a "Varsity Athlete", he's provided a new perspective on bullying victims. He's not your stereotypical victim. He has started a chain reaction of events in our town. The changes may be small... but it's a beginning. With the courage of ONE step; you may never know the extent of your kindness or the changes they will create. Like a dear friend said to me.... Like ripples in the water..Can you hear them??? Make a decision to yourself to create "ripples in the water."

Below is a 12 minute video from the X Factor tv show.... It will be the most heartbreaking and inspirational 12 minutes you will spend... SCREW THE BULLIES!!!! You can overcome!!! I hope all will take just 12 minutes. Please. Share this link with anyone and everyone. It will make a difference!

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