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Many members of the US Congress realize that while this deal is not perfect, it is a beautiful start.

Vote tally supporting Iran nuclear deal rises to 31 in Senate

WASHINGTON -- Oregon's Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley on Sunday became the 31st senator to announce support for the Iran nuclear deal, as momentum builds behind the agreement the Obama administration and other world powers negotiated with Tehran. Merkley's backing puts supporters within reach of the 34 votes required to uphold a presidential veto…Read More
WeAre Project
WeAre Project Campaign leader

Great set of answers to common questions about the Iran Deal.

Answers to Common Objections to the Iran Deal

  by Janet Weil Objection: A side deal between Iran and the IAEA allows the Iranians to use their military to inspect their own nuclear facilities. Doesn’t this make the agreement a joke? Answer: The Iranians will conduct these inspections under the close supervision of IAEA inspectors. The reason the Iranians negotiated this point: they want…Read More