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Legalize Breaking Into A Car To Save A Dog On A Hot Day.

For some reason I often see this occurring on hot summer days. When I try to delicately confront people to explain the danger they've imposed on their dog by leaving them in the car and explaining temperatures are significantly higher in a car even with windows cracked, often they resent it ,and get defensive and nasty.. Althoygh once or twice I felt like I accomplished something and made people who just have no idea realize what they're doing... I just will never understand how anyone thinks they're doing their dog a favor by bringing them out on an extremely warm day and leaving them in a hot car while they run their errands ,with heavy fur coat on and windows slightly cracked not only is it a death sentence for an animal it is just plain selfish and ridiculous ! Dog owners please leave your dog home in a cool house. Every year we see on the news or read in our local newspaper about dogs who have died due to this ignorant behavior of their owners. We may not be able to save all the innocent victims of dogs and cats who die every minute in every shelter in our country due to just being homeless ,but maybe we can stop this preventable tragedy from occurring ever summer!!!

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