This is a fundraiser to benefit many animals we are helping here in the community where I live in Garland, Texas. Your donations will go to making sure the dogs and cats that we foster receive everything such as puppy pads, leashes, collars, chew toys, dental bones, flea medication, de-wormer, soap, kennels, crates, cat litter boxes, litter, toys, cleaning supplies, beds, medical expenses, being driven to adoption agency's and other costs. These animals really need help! We have so much that we owe them and this is only the beginning of what I hope will be a operation housed on a few acres that would better help us! We could do a lot more good if we had more room to work with, that is the big goal one day! It is also a difficult time because my beloved friend and furry kid, Missy, my 14 year old German Shepherd passed away recently. She was out of Rin-Tin-Tin's line and she was a real Hero, I took her everywhere with me. I am dealing with this and just ask anyone I loved my dog very much! It was $400.00 for Missy's Cremation and Box and a few of my elderly pet cats King Ur and Jynx are about to reach the Rainbow Bridge as well! They are both almost 17 year old great male cats that have been with us for ages! We are very behind but when we are caught up I will be making a photo album for them all when I have the money. All this while keeping breast cancer in remission! May the same kindness be forwarded back to your own life one day! Thank you!

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