The pass has pass, why hold on to hate of a people that should hate you! for what was did to them. But don't! How can a people walk around with a Flag that say my people won't you to be there slave and I AM PROUD of that. There was a time I SAID LET THEM KEEP THERE FLAG, SO WE WOULD KNOW WHO…Read More

Hate does not win!


Bree,you ROCK! Go ahead on with your Bad Self!! :) Would have Loved being there to Support You and the others! Being Multiracial myself,as is my Family,I Support taking this Flag of Shame Down,and Burying it with the Past,as it should be!! All those HATERS need to get a Grip and Move On! This is…Read More

If you hear Obama lastest speech about South Carolina you will really get it and be moved to sign!

Thanks to Paul Thompson for starting the ball rolling.

Because their lives matter.