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Auset Bey

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Send A Card To Survivors & Victims Of #Charleston Massacre

When I was little, I grew up in the church, many of us have. Many of the elders I knew were good people, they were active in the community and always helped others just like these people were. It saddens my heart to see these people were murdered in cold blood, because there skin color was different. I'm asking that you sign this card for the family members who are affected by this tragedy. This should be a wake up call to many on how we should consider one another family. Enough is enough. Our differences is what makes us a beautiful people, but our differences should not create hate for one another. These souls were an extension of us, yes we are FAMILY. And if we never see this and never come together, will forever continue to be singled out. Blessings, Auset

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Curtis Muhammad

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Send A Card To Survivors & Victims Of #Charleston Massacre

We citizens need to build the courage necessary to arrest, prosecute and sentence all white terrorist because the white judicial system is unwilling and unable to do so. Every one of us who sign this petition should read the constitution and the charters including the Declaration of Independence and you will discover that we the people have the right and the responsibility to establish justice for ourselves when the government refuse to do so.

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