With tourism being one of the most important industries in Cape Town our 'Blue Flag' beaches will soon deteriorate with the huge amount of…Read More

help the CityOfCapeTown stop pumping raw sewerage into ocean
Alistair Scott
Alistair Scott Campaign leader

Afriforum have launched a similar campaign

50 million litres of raw sewage dumped daily into ocean at Cape Town - AfriForum

by Esmarie Prinsloo on 26 June, 2015 The white visible in the water is the sewage that flows into the ocean. Photographer: Jean Tresfon Nearly 50 million litres of raw sewage and grey water are dumped approximately 1,7 km from the coast near Cape Town into the Atlantic Ocean on a daily basis. This is the total flowing from the…Read More
Alistair Scott
Alistair Scott Campaign leader

EWN news

City of CT urged to revisit sewage outfall decision

CAPE TOWN – Some experts are calling on the City of Cape Town to rethink the way it is disposing of human waste. It follows the recent furore surrounding three marine outfall pipes, which pump millions of litres of raw sewage directly into the ocean. City officials claim the method, which was first implemented in 1901, is both a safe and…Read More

Dublin Bay has been awarded ‘biosphere designation’ by UNESCO in recognition of its unique ecological and cultural statusThe Greater Dublin's area population is 1.8 million (2011). Sewerage is treated before discharge…Read More

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