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Janette Ritchie

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Force A Debate In The House Of Commons

We are supposed to be a civilised society. So what does this actually mean? Does it mean that we, as sentient beings should look out for fellow humans but care less or nothing at all for the well being of all other creatures? Well no because nearly everyone I know has or has had a pet of some sort and has treated it as part of the family. So why is killing foxes for fun seen by some as different? "Virmin", you'll hear supporters of blood sports cry. But they are no more 'vermin' than the birds that fly in our sky or the fish that swim in our rivers. If they are scrawny and suffering from mange it's because we have destroyed their natural habitat and thus limited their food supply. The notion that they are vermin is perpetuated by those who choose to block out their empathy for another sentient being in order to fit into a supposedly elitist clique. Their need to belong to this group outweighs and nullifies the realisation that what they are doing is abhorrent. Please join me in demanding a debate on the reintroduction of legal fox hunting. It's what a civilised society would do. Thanks for reading.

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Robyn Machesney

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Force A Debate In The House Of Commons

Why do we need to mercilessly murder and torture a fox to enjoy a hunt. Isn't it about socialising and companionship. We used to hunt in Canada using only the scent. We had lots of fun, the dogs still howled, we still had a party afterward. The only difference was we didn't have the guilt of knowing we have tortured and murdered a poor little blameless animal.

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