We believe the outdoors is unrivaled in providing engaging and empowering educational experiences. Panacea Adventures offers programs that teach specific skills to navigate the outdoors and life thus enhancing means for academic success.  For young people (between 13 and 18) who's financial situation have left them homeless and/or below the poverty line,  limits their access to other outdoor programs, Panacea Adventures offers Youth Leading the Way- a 12 day educational wilderness expedition which provides leadership opportunities through didactic and hands on a curricula.

 For individuals with physical barriers such as chronic illness or disabilities, Panacea Adventures offers Discovery Camps. The duration and intensity of the adventures at the Discovery Camps are adapted to the needs of each participant group. Discovery Camps accesses optimum enjoyment as well as teaches the skills necessary to continue outdoor pursuits. 

Our students experience the importance of collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and most importantly ...to take risks, to think independently and believe in themselves. These are 21st century skills that are at the heart of best practice in a quality education. The youth of today live in a world that requires them to work well with all types of people and have confidence to share their ideas. Schools across America are focused on creating curriculum that can develop these skills in the classroom, but not all kids learn well in the classroom setting. Your donation will directly promote health and wellness as well as successful life long learning for young people who are in the greatest of needs. Learn more about Panacea Adventures, Youth Leading the Way and Discovery Camps by visiting our website at www.aeioutdoors.com.
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