Recently, at Chandel, one of the district of Manipur and one of the remotest corner of the world, Indian Army and Insurgence had fought where 20 Indian Army-men were killed.

In what has been contemplated from past experience, e.g Malom massacre and Siege of villages at Oinam, the Indian Army have undertook combing operation for the last few days.

Unfortunately, no media personals, state representative aren't allowed to help the villagers neither to inspect the present search operations. This has been possible as India despite being a 21st century democratic government have enforced the draconian law, AFSPA, which gives complete impunity to the Indian Army and Security forces to undertake such combing operation without any transparency and accountability. 

We feel this is against the democratic values and mainly against humanity. Please help the villagers by sharing your voices by pressurizing the present Indian Government and relevant International Human Rights bodies to allow state representative bodies, journalist, human rights activist including international based access to this region and prevent abuse of any innocent men, women and children.

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