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Request international support for Catalonia's independence.

Empower democracy and the declaration of human rights in Catalonia and the world.

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Deb Temsuj
Deb Temsuj Campaign leader

Support Freedom for Catalonia before 27th September elections! So results will be recognized internationally!!!

The only way out

Freedom for Catalonia!
I call on to all the people in the world who truly believe and stand up for democracy: please support the right for self-determination from the Catalan people. I know many of you come to our country as tourists and think nothing is going on here, but we are in the borderline of a revolution. Because if we cannot get our independence…Read More
Deb Temsuj
Deb Temsuj Campaign leader

Freedom for Catalonia! Visca Catalunya lliure! Did you know Gestapo worked with Franco police to prosecute people in exile during…Read More

Translation of Mr Lluís Companys' (president of Generalitat) discourse to the people of Catalonia on the 30th March 1938

Freedom for Catalonia!
This discourse has been recently recovered by Generalitat from the general military archives in Ávila amongst other important documentation that was being kept in Spain. They were initially confiscated by the Gestapo in 1940 from the Paris office Generalitat had during the times of its exile. Gestapo later delivered these documents to Franco’s…Read More
Deb Temsuj
Deb Temsuj Campaign leader

It does not matter where you live or where you are from, if you are out there in the world and believe in democracy, please give support to…Read More

Why should you support the independence of Catalonia?

Freedom for Catalonia!
In the last 200 years, the world has seen lots of new countries being born. Most of them became independent after a civil war, others as a result of WW1 or WW2. Very few, like Iceland, can be proud to have achieved independence through a democratic process. Thus, if we preserve a bit of historical perspective, we must admit we have been…Read More

Signeu per la Independència de Catalunya. Comentari de Joanjo Aguar Matoses (Sueca, País Valencià, Marènia, 7-6-2015) a Assumpció…Read More

Relat "Psicòpates governant a ciutadans. (5-9-2014)"
Psicòpates governant a ciutadans. Aquells que veuen tanta corrupció política, immobiliària i bancària com a 'normal'; aquells que també veurien 'normal' -i fins i tot reclamen- una invasió armada espanyola contra ciutadans catalans desarmats, els quals només demanen votar per la Independència; aquelles persones que els agrada imposar la seua…Read More
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