In the early morning hours of October 12, 2012 while sleeping in the home they rented, in a private gated community, someone walked approximately one mile from the main road and entered the Foley household. The intruder covered the kitchen and the Foley's eight English bulldogs (some of which were crated) in gasoline, and lit the house and dogs on fire. All of the dogs (who range in the age of 4 months to 8 years old) were hurt in this senseless and intentional act of cruelty. The dogs suffered injuries including severe burns, trauma, smoke inhalation and needed immediate emergency veterinary attention. Obie and Bebe were the two eldest bulldogs. They were so severely burned and hurt that the family had to make the painful decision to put the two beloved animals to sleep while trying to save the lives of the other six bulldogs only hours after the incident occurred. Had it not been for the family's stepson who woke up to the splashing noise of gasoline (as reported in the news), and surprised the intruder, the entire family (which included underage children) could have very well suffered the same unthinkable fate as Obie and Bebe.

"According to the ASPCA, A strong link exists between cruelty to animals and human violence. Animal abusers fall into three groups:
1) People who abuse animals but don't do so intentionally.
2) People who do so intentionally but don't continue for a long period of time.
3) The worst, but it is the least common. These are people who intentionally hurt animals because they enjoy hurting things, or because it makes them feel powerful. Many of these offenders would hurt people if they could, but they choose animals because animals are more helpless. Why do they do this? Some want control over others. Hurting an animal gives them a false sense of control. Or they may hurt the animal to control another person. Still others in this third group abuse or kill animals because they suffer from serious psychological problems. Without professional help these psychological problems can continue throughout a lifetime and escalate into abusing and killing people." (Source: ASPCA Website)

The attempted homicides on the three adults and two children, murder of two of the family's English Bulldogs, attempted murder on the other six English Bulldogs, arson, and breaking and entering of the rented home the family resided in, was a deliberate and unprovoked act of aggression and hate towards the dogs and the family. The mental anguish and consequences of this traumatic event will stay with this family forever as will the horrendous sounds they described their dogs made as they literally burned to death. This is an extreme case of animal cruelty linked to the attempted murder of an entire family. The person/persons responsible for this horrendous crime should be brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent of the law for all of the charges that are associated with the events leading up to and that took place that fateful morning.

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Credit card donations can be made by calling Vetrinary Office directly at 501-821-1880 and will be used for the bulldogs medical care only.

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