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Karen Parry
Karen Parry Campaign leader

Another example why closed groups should not use profile names or pictures for suggested groups.

Secret Facebook groups vs closed Facebook groups and privacy issues

Cool Mom Tech
If you’re like me, you get a ton of promoted content from Facebook, including a slew of recommendations for groups that you may want to join. Some of them are open–as in, hop on in, like the page and you’re done!–while some of them are closed and require approval. However I was pretty shocked today to receive a suggested recommendation for…Read More
Karen Parry
Karen Parry Campaign leader

This explains the way Facebook shows the members of closed groups. No mention of using your profile picture but they also do that.

How do I join a group? | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

How do I join a group? Go to the group you want to be part of and then click Join Group in the top-right corner. You can also join any public group that you see on the About page of someone's profile by clicking Join. You may have to wait for a group admin to approve your request. In some groups, you can also be added by a friend who's already…Read More
Karen Parry
Karen Parry Campaign leader

This is a great article to explain that closed groups are so open.

Guys, everyone can see your closed Facebook group

The Daily Dot
There’s nothing more depressing than seeing a Facebook group on your News Feed for a party that you weren’t invited to (not that that ever happens to me—I’m invited to every party).   How can you tell if a group you just created can be seen by its 15 members or the entire Facebook community? It comes down to the difference between open, closed,…Read More
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